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City Reflection

4天3夜 亚庇,沙巴

Kota Kinabalu is a hustling and bustling city situated strategically on the West Coast of the Malaysian state of Sabah. Locals here often refers Kota Kinabalu as ‘KK’ in short, it is a treasure trove of adventure and wonder. Travelers of this city can choose to explore from lush rainforests, crystal clear waters, stunning mountain peaks, to the contemporary landscape of the city’s architecture and heritage.

亚庇是一座生气勃勃且繁忙的城市,地理位置优越,位于马来西亚沙巴州的西海岸。 当地人通常称亚庇为“ KK”,这里是冒险和奇迹的宝库。 游客可以选择从郁郁葱葱的雨林,清澈的海水,壮丽的山峰到城市建筑和遗产的当代景观探索。

City Reflection

3天2夜 槟城之美

Penang is a vibrant State with its capital, George Town, having the rare distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Retaining many of the values adopted during its era of British rule, it delivers old-world Asia in spades, from trishaws pedaling past watermarked Chinese shophouses to blue joss smoke perfuming the air. The freshest aspects of modern culture are present, too, in the exceptional art scene and free-spirited carnivals, all fed by an infectious local enthusiasm for Penang's long history and a kaleidoscope of cultures.

槟城是一个充满活力的州属,其首都乔治市更被联合国教科文化组织列为世界遗产。 它保留了英国统治时期所留下的痕迹,从三轮车路过的老旧华人商店到蓝色香火弥漫在空气中,一点点传递着古老的亚洲风情。现代文化中最新的潮流也出现在非凡的艺术场景和自由奔放的狂欢节中,所有这些都源于对槟城悠久历史和五彩缤纷文化的浓厚感染力。

City Reflection

2天1夜 马六甲文化之旅

Malacca is the historical state of Malaysia, rich with heritage buildings, ancient landmarks and colonial structures. in Malacca, you can explore the imprints of British, Dutch and Portuguese forces left behind in forts, museums, churches and towers. As the unofficial historic capital of Malaysia, Malacca’s most prominent contribution to the Malaysian cultural landscape is the Baba-Nyonya or Peranakan culture. Visit Malacca for the cultural experience of a lifetime.


City Reflection

KK 豪华游艇体验

Experience Kota Kinabalu like never before on our KK Yacht Luxury Experience Tour. Take in the spectacular view of Kota Kinabalu's sunset while you feast on scrumptious Malaysian food, view the beautiful and striking interiors of the yacht and capture memories inside. You may Enjoy a comfortable and secure party in this yacht with your family and friends. We specialise in Private Luxury Yacht Charters - every trip is tailor-made to deliver an experience you won't forget.

在我们的KK游艇豪华体验之旅中,体验前所未有的亚庇。 一边品尝美味的马来西亚美食,一边欣赏亚庇日落的壮丽景色,欣赏游艇美丽而引人注目的装饰,并在这里捕捉每个流连忘返的回忆。 您可以与家人和朋友在这艘游艇上享受舒适且隐私的聚会。我们专注于私人豪华游艇租赁 -- 每次旅行都是量身定制的,以提供您难忘的体验。

City Reflection

4天3夜 山打根之行

Sandakan is a city in the Malaysian state of Sabah, on the northeast coast of Borneo. The hilltop Puu Jih Shih Temple offers panoramic views of the city. Agnes Keith House is a wooden bungalow that re-creates the city's colonial-era life. The city is also a base for visiting the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and the limestone Gomantong Caves, home to swiftlets, bats and kingfishers. Visitors have a chance to get intimate with nature in Sandakan.

山打根是马来西亚沙巴州的一个城市,位于婆罗洲的东北海岸。 山顶上的普济寺坐享着城市全景。 艾格尼丝·基思故居则是一座木制平房,重塑了这座城市的殖民时代生活。 这座城市也是参观西必洛猩猩康复中心和石灰岩哥曼通洞的基地,那里是金丝燕,蝙蝠和翠鸟的所在地。 游客有机会在山打根与大自然来个亲密的接触。

City Reflection

2天1夜 迷失乐园+


The Lost World of Tambun is an amusement and water park all in one, it location in Tambun, Perak. This nature-surrounded theme park is also the first and only theme park in Southeast Asia that’s adjacent to natural hot springs. Besides, visit Ipoh in Perak State for incredible scenery, temples and colonial architecture in Malaysia’s second food capital. Now is the best time to visit before the city gets overrun with tourists.

迷失乐园是一个娱乐和水上乐园,位于霹雳州的淡文。这个自然环绕的主题公园是东南亚第一个也是唯一一个毗邻天然温泉的主题公园。 此外,您还可以游览霹雳州的怡保,欣赏马来西亚第二美食之都,令人难以置信的风景,寺庙和殖民地建筑。 现在是游览该市的最佳时机。

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